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It’s all we do so we know how to find and fix problems.We can help you with blocked drains, blocked shower, blocked toilet, blocked sink, burst pipes, leaking hot water unit, leaking toilet and any other types of plumbing problems you encounter.

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Blocked Drain
Burst Pipe
Leaking Tap
Leaking Hot Water Unit
Leaking Toilet

We’ve got you covered no matter what your problem. Plus I care about making sure your job is done to your complete satisfaction with the security that we back up what we say. If you want reliability and honesty, you’ve come to the right guy. Read some of our reviews here.

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Blocked Drains or Toilets

Continually unblocking a drain affected by tree or plant roots will become a costly solution and my advice is that if the drain blocks in the same place more than twice it is time to call your plumber for a quote to replace that part of the drain that is causing the problem. It may create some inconvenience but in the long term you will save money and avoid a major blockage on the day you would least want it to happen. Imagine what it would be like on Christmas day, Easter Sunday or any public holiday with all your family and friends around. As they say the S… would hit the fan, literally.

Something I Have Learnt About Plumbing

Everybody thinks plumbers are expensive, but the trick to saving money is getting a plumber who can pinpoint the problem quickly. I’ve been wrong a few times, but 99% of the time I have been right and I have often saved someone a very expensive outlay just by being able to problem solve quickly. Okay you can do it yourself or try, thinking you’ll save a few bucks but most times you’ll either do more damage adding to the bill or you’ll just get it completely wrong. Do your pocket a favour and get a licensed plumber one you can trust and knows what to do. Don’t flush your money away! o411 423 216