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What services do Willetton Plumbing & Gas provide?

Willetton Plumbing & Gas offers the following services to our residential and corporate customers: Emergency Maintenance Plumbing, Blocked Drains, Camera Inspections, Drain Machines, Drain Replacement, Taps, Toilets, Burst Pipes, Hot Water System Repairs, Hot Water System Replacement, Gas Fitting, Gas Safety Checks, Stormwater, 24/7

Are you licensed Plumber and Gas fitter?

Willetton Plumbing & Gas are licensed both for plumbing and gas.

Are you insured?

Willetton Plumbing & Gas holds Public Liability insurance and Business Insurance to the value of $10,000,000. This protects you and your property against any accidental damage.

Can you guarantee your work?

Absolutely! Willetton Plumbing & Gas workmanship is guaranteed for 6 years.

Can you call me prior to your arrival?

Yes, Willetton Plumbing & Gas will always give you a reminder call for confirmation, half an hour prior to our arrival.

Where is my main water valve in case I need to turn my water off?

In most cases, your water meter is generally located at the front of your property just inside the boundary (the border between your property and the local authority verge area) and is usually in line with the front garden tap., if this is not the case you can contact the water corporation on 13 13 75 to help you locate it.

Are you available for emergencies?

At Willetton Plumbing & Gas we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, including all public holidays. We offer an emergency service

Are there any discounts available?

Willetton Plumbing & Gas offers a variety of discounts to our customers, including pensioner discounts.

Have the hot and cold water relief valves on your hot water unit been replaced in the last 5 years?

The Relief Valves on a Hot Water Unit are a safety device designed to: Ensure that the incoming pressure is not excessive. Ensures that water has somewhere to release to during the heating phase. Ensures that water has somewhere to release to in the event that the thermostat fails and the unit heats continually. Most manufacturers recommend changing your Hot Water Unit’s relief valves every 5 years.

Is your hot water unit working safely and efficiently?

By servicing your mains pressure Hot Water Unit you can extend the life of your unit and ensure it is operating safely and with maximum efficiency.

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