Bathroom Plumbing Problems

How To Avoid Plumbing Problems

When Renovating Your Bathroom


Here are few things to remember when planning your bathroom renovation or relocating your bathroom.

Plumbing Problems When Renovating Your Bathroom

  • Go to the Water Corporation and get a copy of your sewer plan commonly known as a Flimsy. This will show the outlay of your plumbing and where all the inspection points are positioned.
  • If you are relocating your bathroom you need your plumber to work out how he is going to get the new plumbing into the existing pipes. He will be governed by depth and location of the existing sewer pipes.
  • Remove any galvanised drainage pipes. Leave them there and you will experience ongoing plumbing problems as the pipes age.
  • Have your fixtures and tapware chosen when you get your plumber to quote your renovation. Fixtures like basins and pans have different set outs depending on the style.
  • Tapware have different styles also, so it wise to have chosen them before the plumber quotes avoiding any disagreements later on.
  • Ask your plumber for any tips or possible problems that may occur as the renovation gets underway. Plumbing can be expensive so best to know before you start avoiding any possible surprises.

I’d love to say your bathroom renovations will go just as you planned but as they say “the best laid …”

Good luck and if you need any advice on your bathroom renovation call me on 0411 423 216

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