Blocked Shower

Blocked Shower

Blocked Shower Or Bath

Shower and baths are normally affected by the same thing. Hair and soap. Try this

  • Make sure you wear gloves and grab a torch.
  • Remove the grate carefully. (turn it anti-clockwise or clockwise gently until you feel it come loose)
  • Grab a coathanger or similar and put a little hook on the end.
  • Lower it down the pipe holding the torch at the same time and try hook onto the hair.
  • Gently pull the wire back-up and Bingo (did you get it)
  • Keep doing this until you have got it out or just becomes too hard.

Call me if you can’t clear it on 0411 423 216

PS. You could try a plunger BUT there is a chance you will just push the blockage further down the drain.

If you are also having trouble with your toilet blocking you might want to read these tips on a blocked toilet.


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