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Do It yourself plumbing

Should You Do It Yourself Plumbing?

Do It Yourself Plumbing

No! I mean that sounds harsh doesn’t it? In Australia we have rules and regulations stopping people from doing what is known as illegal and dangerous plumbing. Why? TO PROTECT YOU.
Look, I’m not talking about changing tap washers and little things like that, but when it comes to connecting water services, gas services, hot water units and sewerage pipes the rules and regulations are put in place to protect the home owner or commercial property owner and if you choose to do your own plumbing or gasfitting you are risking not only your own health or being injured but that of the rest of the community also. When hot water units are not properly installed the outcome could be catastrophic. If you happen to connect a sewerage pipe to a water pipe you could put a communities health at real risk.

Is Do It Yourself Plumbing Worth The Risk?

I know at times consumers feel plumbers can be expensive, but the protection you are afforded by using a licensed plumber far outweighs the cost to employ them. These people are trained professionals who understand their responsibilities to the community as a whole and install plumbing in a way that protects the community from mishaps and injury.
You know that weekend plumber you employ? Make sure you check he has insurance and has a Contractors License not just a Plumbers License. If he doesn’t have these you run the risk of not having a callback if things go awfully wrong, and it does.
Imagine how the streets and your home would look if we didn’t have rules in place for the installation of your plumbing. Perth is a beautiful place but imagine that there was no control over how we disposed of sewerage from our houses. Oh Man! Disaster.

Employing A Plumber.

When you do employ a plumber stay loyal, don’t always go searching for the cheapest. Find someone you can trust and build a relationship with. Most will look after you and when you have that emergency (and you will) they will be prepared to come and get you out of the poo, so to speak. Plus most will look after you when it comes to presenting you the invoice.
Most plumbers will happily give you good free advice when you ring them up. They won’t want to lose you as a customer because they appreciate your loyalty. Seriously they want you as a long term customer and friend.
So think about it when you go to do that bit of plumbing. Is it worth the risk, will you put others in danger, will you put your families health at risk and when you go to turn it on, will it work?

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