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Burst Or Leaking Water Pipe

Think You Might Have A Burst Water Pipe?

Burst Water Pipe Here is some helpful tips if you suspect you have a water leak or a burst water pipe. (plus it will help you save money when the plumber turns up)
    1. Turn all taps and sounds off in the house.
    2. Put your ear to the wall and listen for the sound of water. (best in toilet or bathroom)
    3. Go out to your water meter and check to see if the dial is turning. Normally located on the boundary on the left or right hand side.
    4. Walk around the house and look for any unusual green grass or plant growth. (could also indicate a broken drain pipe)
    5. Feel for hotspots on your concrete floor or brick wall.
    6. Have a quick check to see if your hot water unit is leaking.
    7. Need A Burst Pipe Repaired?

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