Blocked Toilet


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Blocked Shower

Blocked Shower

Blocked Shower Blocked Shower Or Bath Shower and baths are normally affected by the same thing. Hair and soap. Try this Make sure you wear gloves and grab a torch. Remove the grate carefully. (turn it anti-clockwise or clockwise gently until you feel it come loose) Grab a coathanger or similar and put a little hook on … Read more

Unblocking Your Kitchen Sink

Is Your Sink Blocked?

Blocked Sink Clearing Your Blocked Sink Usually when your kitchen sink blocks it is because of cooking oil and grease. The best thing to try is plunging it. Try this If it is double bowl sink put a plug in one side. Half fill the sink with hot water and add some detergent. (make sure you are … Read more

Chemical Drain Cleaners

Using Chemicals to clear drains.

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Blocked Stormwater Sump

Nice clear stormwater sump

Blocked Stormwater Soakwell Unblocking A Stormwater Sump See that guy on the left, that’s how your stormwater sump should be. Nice and clean. Try this for a blocked stormwater sump Remove the lid Dig out and remove the sand and debris If the walls of the sump are oily then the sand surrounding may also be … Read more