Do It Yourself Plumbing. Should You?

A do it yourself plumbing job.

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Bathroom Plumbing Problems

Bathroom Renovation Plumbing Problems

Bathroom Plumbing Problems How To Avoid Plumbing Problems When Renovating Your Bathroom Here are few things to remember when planning your bathroom renovation or relocating your bathroom. Go to the Plumbers Licensing and get a copy of your sewer plan commonly known as a Flimsy. This will show the outlay of your plumbing and where … Read more

An Old House Mean Big Plumbing Problems?

Galvansised Water Pipe

Does Buying An Old House Mean Big Plumbing Problems? Plumbing Problem Number One: Galvanized Pipes For a quick test of an old house, turn on the water. If the pressure is low, the house probably has galvanized pipes that have corroded and are seizing up. It is possible that only some of the bad pipes were replaced, … Read more